STREAM: sensing our waters to make sense of our changing environment

The Sea is an essential part of life for all coastal communities. This way of life is now being threatened more so than ever by the climate change crisis, we are already experiencing an increase in storms, floods, sea-level rise and coastal erosion. Unfortunately, climate change is going to be a part of all of our futures. However, we can decide to what degree and mitigate its most serious impacts by better understanding the environment in which we live.

The key to our success will be information, our aim in the STREAM project is to gather as much useful data in the marine environment as possible. We will achieve this by deploying STREAM developed sensors covering the Welsh and Irish coastline. This information will then be used by scientists, policymakers and coastal communities to make informed decisions to better all our futures.

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Date: 2021 2021 10 October 2018
Title: TBD TBD STREAM Inception Meeting
Location: TBD TBD WIT West Campus, Waterford

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